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Nebulizer Treatment at Home
Nebulizer Treatment at Home
Nebulizer Treatment at Home
Nebulizer Treatment at Home
Nebulizer Treatment at Home
Nebulizer Treatment at Home
Nebulizer Treatment at Home
Nebulizer Treatment at Home

Nebulizer Treatment at Home

Nebulizer Treatment at Home

1 Atomizing Speed: ≧0.25ml/min

2 Running Sound: ≦5db (A)

3 Charging Voltage: 5V

4 Volume: Max.10ml

5 Atomized Particles: ≦5um

6 Oscillation Frequency: 100khz±10%

7 Housing Material: ABS

8 Power: DC5V/1000mA USB power adapter or 2* 1.5v (2 sets of 5 AA alkaline, no battery included)

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Nebulizer Treatment at Home is to atomize test fluid. Nebulizer is an important part of atomization system, and its performance has a significant influence on the precision of measurement and chemical interference. Therefore, the nebulizer is required to be stable, small droplets, uniform and high atomization efficiency.
electric nebulizer machinenebuliser for adults

Product Features


Micron atomization

The particles are fine and the drug absorption is more sufficient.



Using a special drilling process, the mesh is regular, and atomized particles can cover upper respiratory tract, trachea, bronchi, and alveoli, and directly reach the affected area.


Design of separate medicine cup

The fully detachable design of medicine cup mask can be fully disinfected to avoid cross-infection caused by virus residues.



Automatic shutdown when no water supply.


Adjustable speed

Two-speed adjustment, it’s controllable atomization speed.



Low noise design is quieter with piezoelectric components.


Less residue

Medical microporous atomized tablet, drug residue ≤0.1ml, economical to use.


0.25ml atomizing rate

Scientifically control the atomizing rate. If the fog is too fast and throat is easy to choke, and it takes too long to be too slow. The rate is stable at 0.25ml per minute, and the liquid absorption efficiency is higher.

Use steps:nebulizer treatment for adults

1. Fill the medicine cup and clamp tightly;

2. Open the lid of medicine cup;

3. Inject potion into the medicine cup;

4 Press the switch.

5. Connect atomizing mask;

6 Start atomizing.

With the deterioration of environment, the aggravation of air pollution, the increase of haze weather, and the low immunity of some people (such as the elderly and children), it is easy to cause respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma.

Traditional hospital atomization treatment requires a lot of medical expenses and there is a risk of cross infection. Instead of spending time and a lot of money queuing up in the hospital for nebulization treatment, more people will choose to buy nebulizers to do nebulization at home.

Therefore, choosing a suitable and professional Nebulizer Treatment at Home is very necessary for those who need to use it. We are a factory with 14 years of experience in producing medical devices. We guarantee the quality of all products and have passed relevant medical certifications. If you want to do wholesale, kindly please feel free to contact us.

We cooperate with large logistics companies, export without worry. In addition, our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries, the quality can stand the test of the market. Before 2020, we have participated in many major medical exhibitions in China and abroad, and gained recognition from many customers. If you want to design new products, you can also contact us. We can provide OEM/ODM service.  

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