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Electronic Clinical Thermometer
Electronic Clinical Thermometer
Electronic Clinical Thermometer
Electronic Clinical Thermometer
Electronic Clinical Thermometer
Electronic Clinical Thermometer
Electronic Clinical Thermometer
Electronic Clinical Thermometer

Electronic Clinical Thermometer

Electronic Clinical Thermometer

1. Product size:209mmX31mmX45mm

2. Net weight:96g

3. Categories:Infrared non - contact thermometer

4. Style: landline type

5. Measuring attention:The distance from the object to be measured is 1-5cm

6. Adjustment mode: button

7. Display resolution: 0.1℃/0.1℉

8. Backlit: 3 colors

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Model No.

IT-126, Electronic Clinical Thermometer

Power supply

DC 3V(2 X AAA battery)

Measuring Way

Non Contact type

Display resolution


Measureing distance

1-5 CM




≤85% RH(moisture condensation)



Storage condition

-20℃ ~ 55℃(-4℉ ~ 131℉)

≦90% RH(moisture condensation)

Swicthable Unit

℃ / ℉

Product dimension


Shut off

Auto off in 30 seconds without operation

Product weight

Net weight 96g

Measuring Range

Body Mode 


Surface Mode 


Giftbox dimension



Measurement accuracy

Body Mode Within(35-42)℃,±0.2℃/0.32℉

Beyond (35-42)℃,±0.3℃/0.54℉

Surface Mode ±1.0℃/1.8℉

Carton dimension


565mmX550mmX355mm (30pcs/carton)




Packing list

1 Infrared Thermometer, 

2xAAA battery,

1 Instruction Manual,

1 quality inspection certificate

Product color

Sky blue,blue,gray,pink

(Can be customized)

infrared forehead thermometer

non contact digital thermometer

Knowledge About Electronic Clinical Thermometer

In this epidemic, the forehead thermometer has become an indispensable "standard" in almost all occasions. People only need to point it at the forehead or wrist to know a person's body temperature, so as to quickly screen out the fever.So how does the forehead gun do this? Will it be harmful to the body if it is measured too much by the forehead thermometer? If you are interested in the answers to these questions, then be sure to watch the end.

talking ear and forehead thermometer

Why can the forehead thermometer measure temperature without touching the human body?

The scientific community has long confirmed that as long as any object's temperature is higher than absolute zero (about -273°C), it will continuously emit infrared radiation energy to the surrounding space. The higher the temperature of the object, the stronger the infrared radiation energy emitted. For example, the human body emits infrared radiation with a wavelength of about 10 microns all the time, while the forehead thermometer uses an optical system to focus the infrared radiation emitted by the human body onto an infrared detector. At this time, the detector converts the collected infrared radiation into The electrical signal is then processed and corrected by data, and finally the temperature of the measured human body is accurately calculated, and the output is displayed digitally. Therefore, it does not measure temperature by heat conduction, so it can measure temperature without contact with any part of the body.


Why is the forehead gun usually pointed at the forehead or wrist?

The forehead thermometer, as its name suggests, is usually aimed at the forehead. For example, when we think we have a fever, the first thing we feel is the forehead. Because the forehead is where the temporal artery runs, and because the skin is thin, large and exposed, it is the best non-contact observation point for the internal temperature of the human body. In addition, the wrist, neck and other places where blood vessels do not hide deep can also serve as temperature capture points;Eardrum temperature can also be measured with a red outer ear thermometer, but this measurement method is easy to operate.


Why don't infrared thermometers have any health effects?

As soon as people see such words as infrared and radiation, they may think of whether it is harmful to human body. In fact, the Electronic Clinical Thermometer is only a passive receiver of human infrared ray, will not have any impact on the human body. For example, the most and strongest infrared ray we are exposed to comes from the sun. Compared with the sun, the "small furnace" of the human body is nothing, and the infrared ray emitted by nature does no harm at all.

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