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Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer

Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer

Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer

1. Model No.:IT-910 

2. Product Dimension:88mmX45mmX153mm 

3. Measuring Way:Contact-type 

4. Memory: Store the latest 32 measurements 

5. Effective distance: 0cm

6. Measuring Range:Body Mode Within(35-42)℃,±0.2℃/0.32℉ ,Beyond (35-42)℃,±0.3℃/0.54℉,Surface Mode ±1.0℃/1.8℉ 

7. Shut Off: In 30 seconds without operation

8. Packing List: 1 Infrared Thermometer,1 Instruction Manual,1 Quality inspection certificate

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Infrared sensitive probe, built-in imported sensor, the infrared measuring instrument passively senses the infrared energy from the outside world, and obtains accurate infrared temperature readings within one second with high accuracy. Instant reading, the temporary thermometer has a high-definition large-screen backlit display, which can provide clear readings in the dark. The LED large-screen display can clearly see the change of 0.1 ℃, and the high-brightness font is convenient for the elderly to view. One-key switch measurement mode and switch unit ℃/℉ to meet different needs; let you easily obtain body temperature.Protect love and health with the power of technology.

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● Easy-to-read alerts - alerts to high temperature with on-screen color and (optional) sound, green for normal, red for fever.

● Vibration reminder, silent care for the family, vibration reminder after measurement, no noise, will not disturb the sleeping child at all, it is convenient to check the temperature when the child is asleep, and you can also check the temperature of the bottle before feeding.

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● Dual mode

Our most accurate infrared thermometer has two modes: ear and forehead.

To switch the thermometer to ear mode, all you have to do is remove the probe cover and carefully place it in the ear. At the same time, it supports the switching of human body and object measurement modes. When the lid is opened, the thermometer defaults to the ear temperature measurement mode, and when the lid is closed, the most accurate infrared thermometer defaults to the forehead temperature measurement mode.

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Forehead temperature measurement

Step 1: Aim the probe of the thermometer at the center of the forehead and keep the distance within 3cm (the thickness of the index finger of an adult is an appropriate distance). Do not touch the forehead directly.

Step 2: Tap the measurement button to start the measurement

Step 3: After the measurement is successful, the fuselage will vibrate, and the screen will display the reading; if the measurement fails, the fuselage will not vibrate, and the screen will display "---" °C

How to cool down scientifically?

1. Reasonable use of alcohol for physical cooling

2. Soak your feet in warm water around 40 degrees

3. Use an ice towel or a warm towel on the forehead reasonably

4. Drink plenty of hot water, which is conducive to urination and expel body heat in time.

5. Keep indoor air circulation and ventilation

Note: If conditions permit, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time if you have a fever, and follow the doctor's advice

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Kind tips

Due to the imperfect development of the baby's central nervous system, the fever part is gradually transmitted from the abdomen to the forehead, and the temperature of the forehead will be relatively unstable. It is recommended that the baby of 0-5 years old measure about 3cm above the navel or the aorta of the neck, so that the baby's real life can be obtained at the first time. body temperature

User Tips:

Do not remove the thermometer from your forehead until you hear the final "beep".

Be sure to wipe off sweat with a dry cloth. Sweating cools the skin, which can lead to false readings

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