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Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale
Smart Body Fat Scale

Smart Body Fat Scale

Smart Body Fat Scale

1.Type: BIM body fat scale

2.Shape: Rectangular

3.Data: 13 kinds of physical data

4.APP: Our APP

5.Display:Red LED

6.Conductive type: 4*Electrodes

7.Range: 0.2-180kg / 0.44-400lb

8.Connection:smart blue tooth connection

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Smart Body Fat Scale use the principle of bioelectrical impedance, which means that when electrical signals at a certain frequency pass through the body, fat has a higher "impedance" than other tissues. Using a safe specific frequency electrical signal through the human body, the electrical signal will be different because of the human body's "impedance" value and different degrees of change. The human body, consisting of 60 to 70 percent water, is a conductor. When an electric current is passed through the body, muscles conduct electricity and fat does not, creating an impedance. Based on the generated impedance, it is possible to calculate how much water the human body has. Then according to the human body moisture and fat weight relationship, you can get out fat weight, and then calculate fat and body fat rate.

                                                         Smart  Body Fat Scale HS301




0.2-180kg / 0.44-400lb


0.05kg / 0.2lb



Conductive type

4×Stainless Steel Electrodes


3× AAA Batteries

Wake up weight



Wireless 2.4G


Items Measurments

Weight,BMI,Body Fat,Fat-Free Body weight,Subcutaneous Fat,Visceral Fat,Body Water,Skeletal Muscle,Muscle Mass,Muscle Storage Ablility Level, Bone Mass,Protein, BMR


Correct Health Concept

A healthy body lies in the balance of fat in the body. Excessive accumulation of fat harms the body and leads to various diseases. Human fat is an important part of the human body. It has important functions and functions in the human body, such as providing energy, protecting the internal organs, maintaining body temperature, assisting in the absorption of water-soluble vitamins and participating in human metabolic activities. However, too much fat will affect human health, resulting in diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, patients with obesity often face the fear of heat, affect the shape, easy to fatigue and other distress. Therefore, doctors and experts recommend keeping your body size within a certain range. With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more attention has been paid to health problems, which also promotes the development of human body composition measurement science.Weight is meaningless. The criterion for judging obesity is whether body fat percentage increases or decreases. We need to monitor changes in body fat percentage and adjust our exercise and eating plan in time.BRAV body fat scale algorithm is a human body composition detection algorithm developed by ourselves. With BRAV big data model analysis and verification and AI technology, it can measure body fat, muscle and other components very accurately.

body fat percentage machine

bmi weight machine

Is The Smart Body Fat Scale Customizable?

We can provide you with the best OEM service,MOQ is 1000pcs.Support colors customization, logo customization, packaging customization and style customization. You can provide your design draft to us.

electronic body fat scale

Customers Service Of Smart Body Fat Scale

1,Feedback group made up by our sales,managers,engineers,PM or other concerned person is for service and answering our customer's any problems or questions in time.

2,Possibly if need, we can create regular meetings to to talk about products,customers' complaints,in order to make it better.

3,We also will monitor or double check the reviews by our team,especially for the listing of AMAZON platform.

4,Full- service one of our company culture,has been working by everyone in our team,doing our best for you.

5,We have the ablilities and experience to provide OME/ODM, software and hardware customization services, and realize the design rom idea to production.

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