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Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer
Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer
Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer
Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer
Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer
Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer
Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer
Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer

Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer

Health Ear and Forehead Thermometer

1. Measurement method: Contact type

2. Effective distance: 0cm

3. Display: LED Backlight

4. Temperature unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit

5. Memory Recall: 32 sets readings

6. Operating conditions: 16.0°C~35.0°C(61.0°F~95.0°F)  Rh≤80%

7. Automatic shut off: in 30 seconds without operation

8. Power supply: DC1.5V×2

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Do you need to check your babies temperature when they are asleep but are afraid of waking them up?

BRAV silent vibrating thermometer will not disturb sleeping loved ones.


Infrared thermometer, Fast and accurate: electronic laser display, easy to use. Only takes 1 second to read the temperature.

Reading temperature ≤ 0.5s. ˚C / ˚F adjustable, 3 color LED backlight, automatic shutdown and power saving. Health indicators and alarm colors are used to monitor the health of the baby at any time. It is completely safe for children to use.

Intelligent fever early warning: Infrared thermometer with fever early warning function, green, yellow, red three colors respectively indicate normal, low fever, fever state, the corresponding indicator light and beep sound can help mother quickly understand the baby temperature state, relieve the mother's panic. In addition, the thermometer automatically shuts down after 15 seconds, saving battery life.

32 readings memory Storage :Once your baby feels unwell, you can track her temperature and keep an eye on her health. In addition, the digital thermometer can be switched to silent mode to prevent any sounds from disturbing the child.


Ear thermometer: Our thermometer use smart probe can only automatically collect the ambient temperature, self-adaptive temperature correction, data collection with eardrum temperature, and ring temperature compensation algorithm make the measurement result more accurate.

Put it into the ear canal, press the temperature measurement key, and the temperature will be displayed in 1 second. The baby thinks it is measured when playing, and the value is accurate to 0.1℃


Muti-Working Modes:This baby thermometer can measure not only body temperature, but also the temperature of the room, food and liquids. Clear large LCD display, so that you can easily read day and night. And it's easy to switch between ℉ and ℃. The portable design saves mom a lot of time and energy.

Friendly after-sales service: Accurate and easy to use, this adult thermometer is the perfect gift for the people you care about. Great choice for families, nurseries, hotels and schools. If you are not satisfied with the use of this product, please contact us, we will provide you with the best solution 24/7.


How to Use?


Warm Tips

  •  In order to measure the accurate temperature value, be sure to aim the probe at the eardrum and fit the ear canal. 

  • The temperature of the left and right ears of the same person is often slightly different. It is recommended to measure the same ear every time for dry comparison. 

  • The measurement results are for reference only and can't replace the doctor's diagnosis. Some people don't have a fever when they are sick. If they feel unwell, no matter what the measurement results are, it is recommended to seek medical advice as soon as possible. 

  • Sleeping on one's side will cause the temperature of the pressed ear to rise. It's best to wait a few minutes before measuring. Too much earwax in the ear canal will affect the accuracy. It is recommended to keep the ear canal clean. 

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