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Shenzhen Brav Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd

has a practical experience of technical R & D team, focuses on the development and production of thermometer and water flossers for a long time. Engaged in the research and development of medical devices for more than 10 years, appearance patents, invention patents, utility model patents are approved. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, and has passed ISO 13485 quality management system certification.
The company has invested heavily in products, shapes and structures, electronic design, software development, packaging and mold development. Investment in R&D projects accounts for 10% of total sales each year. We attach great importance to the training and growth of engineers, providing on-the-job education and training and timely introduction of outstanding professionals.
We continue to provide innovative technologies. Through years of research on market needs, we have formed unique superior technologies to solve pain points of the industry for many years of development. The technology is at the leading level in the industry.
We don't just produce individual parts-we are responsible for entire product life cycles. Provide customers with market-leading innovative product designs. We can help customers achieve from product concept to final shelf sales, and can effectively optimize resources and reduce manufacturing costs.
In summary, the company has formed a certain reserve in terms of technical reserves, new product research and development, and talent teams, and has a good foundation to ensure the smooth implementation of future research and development projects.

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