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How to use the BP monitor correctly?

Release Time: 2021-12-30

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Here you can find how to use the BP monitor correctly.The cuff will inflate, then slowly deflate so that the machine can take your measurement.

Blood Pressure Measurement Method

1. Check and prepare before measurement.

(1) The subjects should avoid exercise, bathing, drinking stimulating drinks (such as coffee or alcohol), and smoking within 30 minutes before the measurement. Please rest in a comfortable and stable environment 5 minutes before the measurement.

(2) During the measurement, the subjects should take off their coats, sweaters and other thick clothes, and bare their upper arms or wear thin shirts for the measurement.

(3) The subject should sit in a chair with his feet flat on the floor and his arms on the table

(4) Check that the battery is properly installed.


2. Applying the cuff on the arm

(1) Take out the cuff, push open the cuff into a tubular shape, until it is suitable for the arm to get in.

(2)  Wrap the cuff around the upper arm, and also make the air duct located on the forearm.

(3) The bottom of the cuff shall be located at the inner side of the upper arm elbow joint, going upward for 2cm~3cm.


(4) Tightly wrap the cuff, and fix it with cloth buckle. Leave a finger gap between the arm and the cuff


(5) Align the air duct plug of the cuff with the air duct interface on the left side of the machine body, and insert it to the end.



Correct measurement posture:

Please measure in a quiet, relaxed state

A, Put your elbows on the table

B, Place the cuff in line with heart height

C, Relax your body with your palms up

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