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How to choose the household thermometer and the right method

Blood pressure: the choice of many electronic sphygmomanometer with various functions, in addition to the aforementioned, some voices in display blood pressure after can count off, also can double record of blood pressure, two people convenient use.

When buying a blood pressure gauge, accuracy should be the first consideration.

Generally speaking, more functions are more expensive, but this is not directly related to accuracy.

In when choosing not to blindly pursue, therefore, intelligent and multifunctional, as long as it is in line with national requirements of formal products can choose, on this basis, then from the perspective of daily easy to use, choose the right product.

Correct usage: first, the time and place to measure blood pressure.

People's blood pressure is fluctuating in one day and blood pressure is 10 % ~ 20% lower than in the morning. Therefore, it is recommended that the family self-test blood pressure should be 2 ~ 3 times a day.

Other emotional problems such as excitement and anxiety can also affect blood pressure, such as a "white coat effect" in some patients and a higher measurement of blood pressure than at home.

Therefore, the national unified use of 140/90mmhg hypertension diagnostic criteria for the data of hospital testing, and the family self-test is based on 135/85mmHg.

Whether it is using mercury or fully automatic electronic blood pressure, it is best to take the position of sitting or lying flat, keeping the mercury counter at the same height as the heart.

At the same time, the operation mode of the elastic band and the position of the stethoscope will affect the accuracy of the test.

The armband is not too loose or too tight. It can be put into one or two fingers.

The stethoscope was thrust into the arm sleeve and placed in the brachial artery of the elbow.

You can't press it too hard, and you shouldn't be too soft to hear it.

Teach you how to use the electronic thermometer in regularly

Electronic thermometers are based on the principle that the resistances of thermal elements (usually thermistors) vary with ambient temperature.

Electronic thermometer reading is intuitive, convenient to carry, small and novel, not easy to damage, easier to keep than ordinary mercury thermometer.

The general electronic thermometer consists of four parts, the head is the temperature sensor, the bar is a digital temperature display, and the power switch button is next to the battery box and lid.

The following points should be noted when buying an electronic thermometer: 1. Appearance inspection.

The electronic thermometer is generally small and beautiful, with smooth surface and no defect.

2. Electric inspection.

Place the switch button on the pass and see if the display mark is correct. If the temperature of the temperature is lower than 34.5 degrees, the LCD screen shows "LOC".

When the temperature is above 42.5 degrees, the LCD should be displayed.


HTC "."

C "the tag should stop blinking and display the number.

Disconnect the power supply to meet again, see if the same display correct tags, if through the power on and off many times test, correct markers showed all the same, and display the axillary temperature is consistent, that the repeatability of the electronic thermometer is good.

If an abnormal display is displayed, the electronic thermometer will run out of battery, or if there is a bad contact.

3. Accuracy inspection.

Press the switch button and the "LOC" mark appears on the LCD display.

Place the thermometer under the tongue for a minute, and when the "C" marker stops flashing, the reading of the thermometer is the body temperature, which is the body temperature.

Repeated measurement a few times more, oral temperature should be the same, if not the same, is this table repeatability is bad, can't choose, also do not need to make the accuracy of inspection, if the same oral temperature, can be in axillary temperature 2-3 minutes, when the reading of the "C" mark to stop flashing is the axillary temperature.

Also, take a few more times and the body temperature is the same.

The average mouth temperature is about 1 degree higher than that of the armpit, and if the test's oral temperature is too high or too low under the armpit, it can be considered that the electronic thermometer is unsatisfactory.

4. If the thermometer has been placed under the tongue for 1 minute, the "C" marker is still flashing, then the power supply will be switched on after 5 minutes, and the measurement will be redone.

Normally, after taking the temperature out of the mouth, the display will not blink again.

If it continues to blink, the table has a problem and cannot be used.

How does baby ear warm gun use?

The thermometer is a completely new addition to the parents' medicine cabinet.


Place your child on the flat surface of a solid object and lie on your back.


Gently pull the ear to straighten the ear canal, then insert the thermometer directly into the ear canal.


While you're going to straighten your ear canal, start the thermometer.


Wait for a beeping signal, then put the thermometer in the other ear.

Use the highest number of indicators.


It is difficult to put the thermometer in the correct position in the newborn's ear.

The baby has a fever and how to choose a good thermometer. Once the baby has a fever, the first thing the mother does is to take the temperature.

At the moment, there are various types of thermometers available, and different measurements.

So which one is best for children?

It is important to take temperature, safety and accuracy of the baby. If it is made of thermometer, it can be divided into four types: glass mercury thermometer, electronic thermometer, infrared thermometer and chemical punctuation.

There are 5 parts of the body that can be used to measure body temperature, including underarm, forehead, ear canal, mouth and rectum.

The temperature of each thermometer was different, and the temperature of different parts of the body had different fever criteria.

Glass mercury thermometers are the most traditional glass mercury thermometers, which measure the body temperature of the armpit and can be used to measure the temperature in the mouth and rectum.

If it is used to measure the temperature of the mouth or rectum, it should be used for the special purpose of the child, and the alcohol should be sterilized before and after use.

The temperature in the armpit is usually treated as a fever over 37 degrees Celsius, while the standard for oral and rectal fever is over 38 degrees Celsius (more than 37.5 degrees for older children).

What need reminds is, children under the age of five, oral and rectal temperature measurement is not recommended, because the child is too small, easily be biting thermometer in your mouth, will not only injured child, let the cat out of the mercury to the child hurt more.

When measuring the rectal temperature, the heavy weight and the depth of the insertion are both difficult to master and dangerous.

Electronic thermometers should be used to calibrate the electronic thermometer regularly. The measurement time is short and the results can be found in about one minute.

But there is also a problem with this type of product, which requires regular calibration.

For the family can't do this, the most important thing is that parents themselves have the temperature measurement of basal body temperature, for example, the child's normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius, but with electronic thermometer basal body temperature becomes a 37 degrees Celsius, so every day as long as the child is less than the temperature is normal.

The infrared ear canal thermometer is not suitable for the baby infrared ear body thermometer similar to the electronic thermometer, but only the ear canal temperature is measured, and more than 37 degrees Celsius is a fever.

It is important to note that infants under the age of three months do not recommend the ear canal temperature measurement, because the child is so delicate that it will hurt the child.

The infrared thermometer is affected by ambient temperature, which measures the temperature of the forehead.

In theory, more than 37 degrees Celsius is a fever.

Although it is easy to measure the temperature of the forehead, it can be affected by ambient temperature, such as coming back from the outside in the winter, and the temperature of the forehead must be low.

Summer has just finished exercising in the sun, and the temperature is sure to be higher.

Forehead temperature concrete LCD forehead temperature measuring temperature must not post this kind of product belongs to the chemical punctuation thermometer, directly attached to the child on his forehead, 1 minute or so, will show temperature changes by color change.

But this thermometer does not show accurate temperature, only provides a range, and is disposable, not advocated.

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