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China's household medical device industry suffers three major policy bottleneck


Recently, China medical device industry development BBS is held in kunshan.

Omron, jianghang medical treatment, and three mainstream manufacturers both at home and abroad, such as biology, as well as the country's largest geriatric rehabilitation supplies and recovers at household medical appliance chain enterprises in major distributors to present, specially in China's domestic medical equipment industry at present development status of research and discussion.

Since the beginning of the new century, China's population structure has entered the stage of accelerated aging.

Because China's pension system is dominated by home-based care, the elderly rehabilitation equipment and household medical devices used in home care become the largest blue sea in the aging market.

However, on the whole industry's rapid development at the same time, the domestic medical equipment retail industry in recent years the development of rapid, but doesn't seem to have expected, even appeared the phenomenon of bad money drive out good.

In this BBS, industry research and analysis believe that the lag of policy is the biggest bottleneck to the development of the industry.

In response, the Chinese association of medical supplies medical devices branch of BaiYu said that the development of any industry depends on the state system and policy support, and other industries, the high-speed development of China's household medical equipment is also to be the strong support of national policy and system.

On this BBS, he made an in-depth analysis of the market situation of Chinese household medical devices.

He analyzed that the rapid development of Chinese household medical device industry mainly has three policy bottlenecks.

Bottleneck 1: health care policy discriminates against medical devices.

BaiYu said that in many developed countries, the cost of the purchase of medical equipment is already through insurance company contract covered by health insurance or business scope, which means that the user according to the demand to medical equipment store to purchase medical equipment directly do not need to customers to spend money, but by the insurance company or country.

But our domestic health care units can only include drugstores, and there are no medical device retail stores.

This creates both sell drugs, and sales of equipment comprehensive pharmacy opportunity through medicare card sales wheelchair, sphygmomanometer, such as medical equipment, and professional equipment retail stores would not have this kind of policy support.

Both the baiyu and BBS participants strongly urged that national policies should eliminate such discriminatory policies and achieve equality for all.

Bottleneck 2: the application of household medical equipment B2C licence should be released.

In terms of current market conditions, the state food and drug administration basically does not approve that medical device retailers can sell online, said bai yu.

Household medical appliance retail enterprise to sell medical products via the Internet, you have to get the Internet issued by the state food and drug administration pharmaceutical trading license, even if is only sold home medical equipment professional medical appliance retail enterprise, also must be described.

It's a problem, because they don't sell drugs, professional medical appliance retail enterprises don't have access to the Internet and drug transaction certificate, while engaged in medical equipment comprehensive pharmacy described above are available in the online sales of medical equipment.

"This is too unreasonable, we specializes in sales of medical apparatus and instruments, have a professional service team and technology, but not in the online sales, and those who don't concentrate on medical apparatus and instruments on the drugstore can run."

According to bai yu, the main advantage of medical device retailers is that they can provide professional services compared to pharmacies selling medical devices online.

Because the pharmacy that sells equipment on the net is very difficult to provide professional service, the main profit of drugstore comes from medicine, won't pay attention to the appliance too much, so the training of shop member is difficult to keep up with.

And professional medical appliance retail enterprise is different, each month for us to analyze the assistant equipment knowledge test, and door-to-door service, are the advantages of pharmacy can never compare.

BaiYu said, and promote the development of the domestic medical equipment industry, needs the innovation of national policy, urgent hope national agency of home medical equipment's bid to host the B2C license plates, allow professional medical equipment operators like pharmacy online trading qualification bid.

On the one hand, consumers can fully enjoy the convenience and results brought by modern high technology. On the other hand, it is more convenient for national regulation, regulating the market from blocking to sparsely, and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

Bottleneck 3: regional policy imbalance.

"There is a serious imbalance of policy across the country".

For example, in the tax exemption policy, the country clearly stipulates that the wheelchair and other disabled products can enjoy the preferential policies of VAT exemption, but many places won't be able to apply.

In addition, this policy is to apply for medical equipment business licenses of the country there are many different threshold, need only 40 square meters of business area in Beijing, and henan and need more than 150 square meters and 180 square meters to fujian, other policy is uneven.

The presence of these realistic problems, it shows that pension industry and the need of development of domestic medical equipment industry of national investment at the same time, also need policy innovation, lead the more social capital into, more insight into the society, to promote industry development.

You can't talk about reform in your voice, but you can't get rid of your arms.

Professional analysis, ageing and the trend of home endowment is irreversible, and the pension that occupy the home rehabilitation appliances and medical apparatus and instruments is to realize the family endowment the important support of national strategy, if the policy can't keep pace with The Times, there was no question of benign development industry, the end result is good money after bad money, for the development of the aged industry.

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