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The current development of household medical devices is positive in China


Related research data show that domestic medical equipment as the current development momentum: in 2011, the domestic home medical equipment market scale up to 17.66 billion yuan, annual growth rate of over 30%, estimates may reach 29 billion yuan in 2013, the size of the market in 2015 will reach 42 billion yuan.


Recovers at home medical equipment chain operation co., LTD., chairman of Beijing, China association for medical supplies medical equipment branch of BaiYu of proceedings of the People's Republic of China, said: "the current domestic medical device market potential is very big, is also great."



The current household medical devices in China mainly include household therapeutic apparatus, household testing apparatus, home health equipment and household nursing rehabilitation apparatus.

Household therapeutic apparatus includes the home cervical vertebrae traction, traction chair, hearing aid, etc.

Household testing instruments include thermometer, blood pressure meter, glucose meter, etc.

Household health equipment including electric massage products series, air purifier, humidifier, etc.

The home nursing rehabilitation apparatus includes function bed, sleep meter, oxygen generator, etc.


According to shang pu consulting analyst, a family medical device with therapeutic properties is the main product of market demand, which is determined by the current medical condition of our country.


"With the improvement of living standards, the rapid growth of the ageing population, people demand for family health care equipment continues to increase, especially in health care class of traditional Chinese medicine medical apparatus and instruments, such as massage chair, massage pillow, massage massage couch, car and so on."

Zhang said.


Blood pressure meter, blood-glucose meter and other test instruments now also occupy the big head of household medical devices, "from the family nearby, especially the three high people, the home almost always have several".

BaiYu said.


The rapid growth of the three kinds of factors to stimulate the domestic medical apparatus and instruments, BaiYu concluded, the first aspect is China's ageing population aggravated with the rapid development of home medical equipment, the population is the goal of home medical equipment customers, not a potential target customers.


In the second area, the improvement of income has promoted the rapid development of industry.


"In the end, it's the question people want to buy, which is health awareness.

I have done a market research, and in the past, children bought wheelchairs for the elderly, and now the elderly themselves are coming."

BaiYu said.


Gap is big

Under the huge market demand, domestic household medical device manufacturers follow in the footsteps?


Zhang thinks, at present our country medical instrument industry, in the period of development of China's medical device companies face two kinds of development pattern choice, one is to focus on market segments, become the market segment of leading enterprises;

The second is to achieve merger and acquisition expansion, becoming the integrated product leadership enterprise of medical enterprises, and the household medical enterprise is even more so.


Mingrui medical treatment, wei gao shares, yuyue medical and lep medical treatment have been diversified through joint venture and merger, and become the leader of integration.

Minimally invasive medical care, kanghui medical treatment, medical treatment, jiuan medical, yangpu medical treatment, xinhua medical treatment are the best in the subdivision field.


As the leading enterprise of household medical devices, yuyue medical device is clearly defined, based on household medical devices and medical high-value consumables, and has experienced several years of rapid growth and gradually entering the mature stage.

Sano, which benefits from the improvement of the market demand of household glucose meters, is facing a favorable development environment for household blood glucose monitoring.


"Domestic medical device brands in China will rise across the board."

"Said bai yu.


But there are concerns.

Zhang submitted that China has nearly 16, 000 medical machinery manufacturers and 90 percent of its annual output is less than 10 million yuan.

This kind of small cottage industry medical device factory and Johnson, Siemens, GE and other overseas large medical device group in the technology research and development, product innovation and product quality gap.


"China's domestic medical equipment manufacturers have many enterprises, small scale, high concentration of products and weak innovation ability."

Zhang said.


In addition, the Chinese academy of medical sciences institute of medical information research associate Xie Junxiang to proceedings in China, said the home medical equipment industry in our country also faces slow achievements of medical equipment, problems such as insufficient support of science and technology means.


The risk is not small

In addition to focusing on the industry, many researchers have turned to the health risks associated with household medical devices.


Although home medical equipment than many hospitals use of medical equipment safety, but as a result of home medical equipment using the object is the ordinary people do not have medical knowledge, not only to the use of equipment of the system training, but also for own illness also lack enough understanding.

Therefore, in the use of household medical devices, there are various operational problems.


Guangdong medical equipment quality supervision, inspection and Peng Xiaolong et al. Research points out that household medical equipment safety risks mainly include two types, one is equipment the immediate harm to human body, the other is a equipment can not achieve its expected when using treatment or diagnosis function and produce the indirect harm.


"In order to promote products, enterprises in the instructions for tend to emphasize the efficacy and indications of equipment, for the safe use of cautions and contraindications, are often not enough even avoided in detail, the patient often in inappropriate use physiological conditions and lead to accidents."

Peng xiaolong wrote in his study.


Bai yu said he is most concerned about the services and guidance that the home medical device providers can attach.

"At present, the domestic in this respect is doing is not good enough, if there are special people to guide how to safe and proper use of home medical equipment, then they are the risk is much less."

Bai yu stressed.

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