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Chinese household medical devices will become the world's largest market


Currently, China's medical device market value and medicine are 1:1.National medical equipment manufacturers are more than ten thousand, more than pharmaceutical factory

 industry is more scattered, low-level basic it is domestic occupying, of domestic and imported is 1:1, high-end product most is to rely on imports.Therefore, in the middle and 

high end area, there is a lot of venture capital space, but there are many m&a opportunities lurking in the low end.

Last year's today, the last meeting, China's medical health industry investment and m&a Liu Daozhi is guest on  BBS, however, his identity is minimally invasive medical vice 

President responsible for mergers and acquisitions investment, liu Daozhi minimally invasive work for nearly 12 years, just leave this year.Liu dazhi is very optimistic about the

 entrepreneurship, investment and m&a in the healthcare industry.

He said that health care is a rapidly rising market with big space and policy support, so whether it is a start-up or an investment, it is the best time to do.At present, more than 

10,000 medical manufacturers in China, tens of thousands of sellers, most of them have only tens of millions of sales, and the industry is fragmented, so the acquisition is also

 the best opportunity.

In the macro view, the first six areas of the world medical device pattern include: diagnosis, cardiovascular, imaging large equipment, orthopedics, ophthalmology, 

endoscope.International top 20 companies in the field of the six big, their size is very big, most $30 billion, 20 billion less, endoscopic also has 19 billion, our company in the six 

areas, away from 20 billion.

Many of the innovations in this industry have been concentrated in these decades, with the number of heart stents being established over the past decade, from zero to nearly $5

billion.Endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery have grown from zero to nearly 6 billion over the past 20 years.What does the top ten of internationalmultinationals change 

their position?It's m&a.The third biggest acquisition, which just happened recently, is the second biggest, after Johnson & Johnson, and the top ten.In the future, domestic 

companies will have to do so much, and likewise, they must be led by acquisitions and investment. 

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